Nicole Leebeck Photography: Blog en-us (C) Nicole Leebeck Photography (Nicole Leebeck Photography) Tue, 17 Dec 2013 16:42:00 GMT Tue, 17 Dec 2013 16:42:00 GMT Nicole Leebeck Photography: Blog 120 80 Happy Holidays! 2013 has been an awesome year for us. Nicole Leebeck Photography relocated to the Hampton Roads area, helped welcome home lots of loved ones from deployments and the rest of the sessions that I was so lucky to capture through out the year. I am truly blessed by the clients I have gotten to spend time with this year and look forward to the many upcoming sessions next year! In fact 2014 kicks off with homecoming sessions as early in the year as the 5th! Be on the look out for that!

I have so many sessions I need to catch up here on the blog... and hopefully during some "down time" I will here soon! My little family is excited to be spending the holiday with the rest of our family this year, so all emails/phone calls will be returned after January 1st. We are looking forward to the next two weeks to "re-connect", unplug a little and recharge our batteries!

Merry Christmas!From our family to yours, we hope that your Holidays are merry, bright and filled with LOTS of family and friends!

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Assisted Loving | Suffolk, Virginia Sometimes when you’re caught up in being the caregiver to your parents and your children at the same time things get put on the back burner.


Sometimes things get pushed aside and you don’t think about them until it is too late to do anything to change it. It’s not on purpose it just happens. That’s life right?

Visiting a friend, Suffolk VAOff to meet Ms. Mary

Yesterday it wasn’t “just life” for a friend of mine. See, she has done a lot for my kids and I since we moved here a year ago. Hard to believe that she, her husband and her wonderful daughters (whom have both graced my Facebook page now) have only been a part of my family for a year. It feels like they have been a part of it forever.

Scarlett meets Ms. MaryIt's amazing the interactions that take place between a child and adult. Especially the really young and the ones that need a little more care. Robin’s oldest daughter, Liz, and I conspired shortly after Robin’s mom went to the hospital last time to get some “nice” pictures of Robin with her mom and also with the girls if we could swing it. Yesterday the cards kind of fell into place. Liz had a legitimate reason to miss school (that did not just involve hanging out with me & Scarlett); the weather was nice so we surprised both Robin and her mom with a visit. See, Ms. Mary didn’t get to come home after her last hospital stay; she is currently residing in a long-term care facility. I was warned that Ms. Mary doesn’t like cameras, “that’s okay” I said I wasn’t going for a whole “glamour shoot” type deal. I just wanted my friend to have some images of her with her mom on a nice day. And as we all know when you work with kids (especially mine since she was along for the ride) you have to expect a little resistance. Turns out – Scarlett made it pretty easy.

Just because a family member is older, doesn't mean they shouldn't be documented too. Explaining to Ms. Mary who the extra people areRobin was excited to introduce us to her mama.

There was quite a bit of conversation about shoes & socks... Ms. Mary thought it was funny that Scarlett was ordering Liz around (and to get off MeeMaw's shoes)! 

Porch sittingLuckily the weather held out, and we got to enjoy the porch When your life is uncomplicated by all the comings and going of things and things that need to be done, sometimes just sitting on a porch with your daughter makes a world of difference. Mother & DaughterLiz & Scarlett provided some entertainment, arguing like siblings (almost) and Liz attempted to teach a three year old how to snap her fingers. Ms. Mary was entertained.

Ever watch an 18 year old teach a 3 year old to snap her fingers? 

Liz & ScarlettThese two are quite a pair.

Scarlett & RobinScarlett made the whole visit with Ms. Mary quite pleasant, she even demanded to push "MeeMaw" in her wheelchair. (Ms. Mary enjoyed it.) Even our elders still like to have fun, like a childMaking a Break!We took the scenic route back to Ms. Mary's room. Scarlett once again decided to push.

A change of pace may seem insignificant. I can assure you after this visit, it is not.

Documenting interactions with older generations can be so rewarding - even if it's not within your own family. Taking MeeMaw for a rideRobin may have encouraged Scarlett to run. Despite giggling, Ms. Mary may have told Robin to not let her fall & skin her knees. Always a mom that one!

Silly isn't just for kids.Uphill, air cast and all, pushing mama To keep her mama giggling, Robin continued to jog (one would say) to keep the wind in her mama's face.   Will you come see me again? Will you come again? Ms. Mary asked Scarlett to come visit again. I think it's a sure thing that the boss in my house will want to go with Robin again.

I know you have all heard me talk about documenting your kids, but this visit reminded me how kids aren't the only ones who's lives need to be documented. 



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Portsmouth Olde Towne Farmers Market Canine Friends are welcome at the Olde Towne Farmers Market in Portsmouth Virginia




One of the things that I love about the Olde Towne Farmers Market, is that every time my family has been there so have many others with their "furry kids". I love that my kids get the opportunity to see (and pet - with permission from the "furry kids" mom or dad) so many different breeds! 







Bob from Bob








One of the vendors we stopped at this week was Bob's Bees. Bob is a local purveyor of honey. He also is a bee conservationist! His bees are kept locally, and his passion for bees really came through while he was explaining how bees grow and all the uses their honey and combs have. I highly recommend you check him out! 


He explained the connection to the bear bottles filled with honey to my kids, "Doesn














Happy Scrappy Creations - painted tiles you can use as Trivets, coasters or ANYTHING!










Another vendor at the Olde Towne Farmers Market was Happy Scrappy Creations. They truly had a piece of artwork for everyone! I think I found some Christmas gifts for some of the people on my list this week! ;) 



Happy Scrappy Creations - I Like Big Mutts and I cannot Lie Tiles













After cruising around the market - my husband kids and I walked around part of the waterfront and Olde Towne. A couple images from our jaunt around town!



My kids thought they would try flying

Pretty Magnolia Bush, Water Front, Portsmouth Virginia

The Portsmouth Light Ship







The Portsmouth Lightship is a museum that perhaps when my children's attention span is longer then a fly's wing I can take them in ;). For the time being we admired it from the outside! 

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Portsmouth Downtown Happenings | Portsmouth, Virginia Photographer This weekend was supposed to be a family outing to downtown Portsmouth to check out the The Olde Towne Farmers Market. Unfortunately my hubby had to work - but that did not stop my kids and I. (it did however stop some me from getting some of the images I wanted to take but there's always next time!) All of the vendors were lovely, answering my five year old's many (and I mean MANY) questions and letting us sample some of their offerings. 

I would have to say this post's most note-able vendor was Artisan Bakery & Cafe. We got two different muffins from their stall and wandered off to the seawall to enjoy them. (after dropping off a suspiciously heavier then it looked watermelon at the car- want a good watermelon? Let the five year old pick it. It's guaranteed to be HEAVY!) 

The Chocolate Hazelnut Muffin from Artisan Bakery & Cafe The Savory Monkey Bread from The Artisan Bakery & Cafe












The Chocolate & Hazelnut muffin (on the left) and the Savory Monkey Bread Muffin (pictured Right) were not only gorgeous to look at but to eat as well! 


Size comparison... two hands required to hold the savory Monkey Bread muffin for a 5 year old. No wimpy muffins here! And we can't forget the three year old... who willingly sat for a similar image.

Size comparison... two hands required to hold the savory Monkey Bread muffin for a 5 year old. No wimpy muffins here! And we can
















The simple fact that my son ate almost the entire savory muffin SCREAMS to it's goodness. What 5 year old eats a muffin that has what looked (and tasted to mom) to be sun-dried tomatoes in it?! Not to mention the wonderful herbs in it too. 


Savory monkey bread - before my son devoured all of it!























Does this look like a kid being forced to eat something "bad"?!?!







Does this look like a kid being forced to eat something "bad"?!?! It was rough getting either kid to share their muffins with me!







Chocolate & Hazelnut yumminess! Chocolate & Hazelnut. Two of the world's BEST combinations in my opinion. In a muffin?! Yes please!!!

This is the look I got when I asked her to share a bite with me.....




This is the look I got when I asked her to share a bite with me..... just getting the muffin away to take the image above? Almost resulted in tears. Yes, the muffin was just.THAT.good! 








Why wouldn Why wouldn't you want to eat a muffin, laying down, feet in the air?! She was REALLY savoring the yumminess!

On our walk to the seawall, we traversed the The 43rd Annual Seawall Art Show. We will definitely be checking it out next August! There are TONS of local artists displaying their works and honestly the weather could not have been better! And it was a total happy coincidence that we found the show. I had not checked to see what else besides the farmers market was going on downtown! :) 

After finishing up their muffins, what kid couldn't resist playing in the water (the tide was coming in) so they had "races" 

Running up and down where the boats were docked. Splashing in Olde Towne Portsmouth Viriginia

That building downtown has no bad views from the offices in it!
















They were trying to see who got the biggest "splash". (Luckily the boat owners who were near or on their boats all found my kids hilarious. As did the multiple dog owners we saw and petted - the dogs that is) 

I try to be that mom who lives in the present. I didn't plan on the kids getting wet. And they did. But you know what? They had an awesome outing, I have some fun images of them - and they learned a little about the town they are living in. I think this type of post may be come a regular feature! I love highlighting local small businesses and I love sharing about new and exciting events that we have found. 

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Back to School Session Contest | Hampton Roads Child Photographer August is almost half over - can you believe it?! This means in a few short weeks I will be the mom of a school age child. (Really?! Where has the past five years gone???) Instead of freaking out over this I've decided to have a contest! (It is in no way supported, funded, affiliated or endorsed by facebook.) If you are like me and this is your child's first year of school - submit an image anyway (but it must be a recent image)! 

Back to School Contest: submit your child

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Banana Bread -Life Lessons From a 3 year old | Hampton Roads Child Photographer Tonight is the last night it will be just you and me (and Daddy when he's home). Bubby has been bouncing between Grammie & Nona for the past couple months on the other side of the country. Not a day has gone by when you haven't wanted to talk to, show or just said you missed him. But. For the past 2 months I've gotten to spend almost every day with you. Without him. Getting to know just you. You are in a hurry to go to "big Boy gool" because that's what he get to do next month. Mommy isn't ready for you both to be there yet. 


Please stay little. Even if it's just for a little while. 

My daughter helping make banana bread. A tiny lifestyle session. We made banana bread. But by the end of the experiment (all baking is an experiment you know ;) ) it all had nothing to do with the banana bread and everything to do with slowing down, breathing her in, and just being in the moment with her. 

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Ms. J | More than Glamour - A Lesson in Self Discovery There are not many times that I get the opportunity to get just a woman in front of my camera. And when those few times have happened in the past, they were more of "his eyes only" type sessions. This time, things may have been intended to be that way - but ended up very differently. 

These images I can share. This session impacted me in ways I can't quite explain. At least not yet. 

This is me. The new Me. Self Discovery. Strong. Brave. Women in Photography Beauty. Journey. New Life.


Ms. J has been on an interesting journey this past twenty some odd months. Significant weight lost that followed significant changes in her life. Following this session she told me, "I FEEL like the pretty person I SEE on the back of your camera. That's ME. HOLY COW that's ME!"

And that my friends, is exactly why I love doing what I do. Ms. J has NOT had any plastic surgery, nor is there heavy retouching on any of these images. She is just a beautiful woman who finally sees what those around her have seen for so long.

This has inspired me to come up with a new package deal - kinks are still being worked out - but they are coming soon! 
Transformative. Women in Photographs. Custom facebook time line cover created from this "Love myself" session. Glamour Photography Session, Hampton Roads Photographer

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Arriving: Miss J | Severn, MD Newborn Photographer Deep Thinker, Newborn Photography Miss J and mama, even upset newborns are still cute


Big Yawns, Newborn Photography Severn MD Sleepy baby, Newborn Tough Crowd, Severn MD Photographer Mama Daddy Child and Family Photographer, Severn Maryland, Military Best Holiday Present, Child Photographer, Severn MD




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Finding the Light | Hampton Roads, Virginia Photographer I'm adoring the light in our new home. Despite my kiddos not being up to snuff to being around a newborn (and pushing back Baby J's newborn shoot - totally bummed by the way! Good thing her mama is a good friend ;) ) So instead of showing you a brand new baby... I'm going to share a few images of my baby. None of these images were posed, with the exception of the bottom left and I simply asked her to sit there. It's amazing how just a slight movement on my part can really change the way she was lit... all by the window behind the couch. Hampton Roads Family and Child Photographer

Don't forget, that while lifestyle sessions with a photographer are a great way to document those special moments in everyday life, a camera phone or a point & shoot can be among some of the best tools a parent has to catch those moments of childhood that slip away so quickly! 


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Expecting Baby J | Severn Maternity Photographer Finally all settled in the new house, new city and new state it was time to "get back to work". This family has appeared on the blog many times before, however this time is a little different. I met this family when they were expecting their second child, Mom and I became fast friends (bonding over some tedious details in a class we attended together - as funny as that sounds it is true!) Despite a move that took them half a country away (or so it seemed), I've been fortunate enough to continue to be included in all things "family". This is also a very true statement for those in the military or those married to it. We have our "natural" families - and then there is our "military" family. I'm proud to call them part of mine! They are currently expecting their THIRD child, who will be making an appearance here after she arrives, but in the mean time, isn't mom just the cutest?! Severn Maternity Photographer, Ft. Meade Photographer

I know most women have that "I don't feel pretty" feeling during pregnancy - especially at the end. I absolutely LOVE how the last two images turned out - Even mom was too! 

Glam Maternity Photographer, Severn Maternity Photographer, Ft. Meade Family Photographer

Baby J makes baby number 4 in this family - and since her biggest brother wasn't there to participate... we borrowed a pair of his shoes! 

Family Photographer,

Can't wait to spend some more time with this family after Baby J arrives! 

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Hampton Roads Fall/Holiday Mini Sessions | Hampton Roads Child and Family Photographer I am finally getting settled into our new house and new routine. I am oh so very thankful for that!!! My camera is calling my name as I continue to get rid of boxes and find new places for things in and around our home. (And lets not discuss the lack of artwork hanging on my walls... ;) although I do have two lovely canvases headed my way soon!) 

In the spirit of FALL - something I have not really gotten to experience in almost ten years of leaving in the south, I'm announcing my fall/holiday mini special. The first 3 people with a paid booking will also get one of their images as a holiday ornament to either share with friends or family, or keep for their own tree! (this is an added $25 value.) 

Hampton Roads Child & Family Photography Mini Sessions

*Due to my still limited schedule I will only be taking TEN of these sessions. In order to ensure holiday delivery sessions must take place prior to November 10th and orders submitted by  November 15th, 2012.

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R Family | HeartsApart Pensacola Photographer This past weekend, I had the pleasure of spending a morning with this awesome family whom I was connected with through the awesome folks over at Hearts Apart. (seriously - if you know of any service member who is getting ready to deploy PLEASE pass this link along!!)

The R family is getting ready for dad to deploy - so we spent a surprisingly nice and not overly hot morning at the park just outside downtown Pensacola. (And thanks to the R Family for driving all the way from Crestview!!)  

Proud father, Proud Army, Army Family Father & Son, Army Proud, Role Models, Salute

Army Family, Lifestyle Photography, Reasons to keep fighting Mr. & Mrs. R could not be a better couple to be featured for the Hearts Apart Organization! Their matching tattoos even prove this:

Loves apart but always together

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New Adventures | Child and Family Portraiture Adventures. We all looked forward to them as children, sometimes creating our own with our own imaginations. (Can we say we were the original Backyardagains - ok any one who pretended their swing was a rocket ship can lay claim to being one of the originals.) 


Adulthood often brings responsibilities that limit our ability to have adventures. Lucky for me, being a mom is the ultimate adventure. Add to that, I have a job that offers a new adventure with every shoot! And I love that every shoot is different, and no two kids or families are the same. Add into that my wonderful husband's career in the military- adventures are all over the place sometimes.

What is in store for Nicole Leebeck Photography? And why am I talking about adventures? 

A move is in our very near future! As of August 31st I will not be booking anymore time slots for here in Pensacola. We will be moving to the Hampton Roads area in Virginia! 

I will be bookings sessions in the Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virgina Beach, Hampton and New Port News areas as of October 15th. Times will be limited for a while. My affiliation with the Hearts Apart will continue. If you are unfamiliar with this organization, and have or know someone in the military I highly recommend checking them out. 

This move is not completely unexpected however the short notice of it (even for me) is. Each and everyone of my clients has a story and I have been privileged to document a fair amount of them. I can't wait to see all the other stories I am going to have the opportunity to help document and share! 

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Casting Call: Prom Gone Wrong | Pensacola Photographer Ever have a bad experience at a dance when you were in school? Last year's Prom didn't go so well? Well... this is the CASTING CALL for you!

I have an idea for a shoot to document this - not because you want to remember a horrible experience but because we get to re-write the ending! Did you want to go home and just tear up that dress? Take some scissors?! Lets have at it! Trash the Dress!

Email me with your WORST homecoming/Prom/dance in general/even a date you got all dressed up for stories. The best (or worst) will be picked to do a complimentary session, included will be a 8x10 printed image. 


Deadline for your submission to be considered is August 10, 2015. To submit your story please email it, along with an image that includes you + the dress you want revenge on to: and include "Prom Gone Wrong" in the subject line!



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Boudoir | Pensacola Boudoir Photographer  

Who doesn't like to be pampered? I know I do. There have been a few inquires lately about boudoir styled shoots, and if I do them. YES! I do them - but there are severely limited numbers of spots for these shoots in my regular schedule. I book this style of shoot with a lot of care and attention to detail. The reason being - I want the woman who is booking this shoot to feel wonderful before, during and especially after. 

I know that women will critique images of themselves harder then any other images - so I want to make sure I get it right.  By only booking a limited number of these shoots per year it enables me to really focus on each session, making it even more special and less cookie cutter.


Now when you book a boudoir styled shoot you have the option of adding on a make-up artist!* (date of shoot will be contingent on the make up artist’s availability) - email me  or call 850-438-0643 for booking or questions.

Session fees start at $175 with out a make up artist, $250 with a makeup artist

boudoir photography, limited sessions, book a session today

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K & S | Couples Session | Pensacola Photographer This session, to date, has been one of the most entertaining I have ever had. This couple was nothing but laughs and entertainment the entire time I was with them. 

Session started and ended with laughs, photographs from couples session images from S & K Couples Session, photographs, photographer


K & S - if you ladies can get 25 comments from friends and family on this blog posts before Saturday, July 14th- you get a free 8x10 image*

*all comments are moderated in order to keep the spam out! Image must be from your session. 

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Deployment Goodies | Middleburg Family Photographer While visiting Middleburg Florida a couple weeks ago now, my children and I got to spend some time with an awesome family. This family has been a part of my family for several years. Their husband and father was stationed with my husband in Texas, and now while we are not stationed in the same place but in the same state, we try to visit each other as often as possible. Currently Mr. J is out to sea, and Mrs. J wanted to include some goodies for him in his most recent care package. 

With the help of Pintrest Mrs. J found a wonderful way for the kids to add a special touch to Daddy's care package. 

Decorating Mason Jars for Cake and Brownies. Middleburg Family Photographer The finish products:

Finished, baked cake/Brownie jars, Middleburg Family Photographer
The recipe/instructions for cake jars can be found here.

I am happy to report that these made it to Mr. J - who reports the jars made it intact, tasted as good as they looked (a jar of frosting was sent along with them). He also commented on another gift in his box but that is for Monday!]]> (Nicole Leebeck Photography) Children Family Navy Pensacola Photographer Photog deployment event photography family photographer ideas lifestyle military personal photography Fri, 06 Jul 2012 17:03:33 GMT
Fireworks | Pensacola Family Photographer I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July as much as my family did. This was the first year we set fireworks off at home, seeing as our kiddos were old enough to understand that they needed to listen when we asked them to sit and stay back. The sparklers were a bigger hit then I expected! And after a day of swimming, staying up late to not only set our fireworks off but watch the ones that flew over our neighborhood I think our kids had a fun filled day. My son is definitely in love with the "ka-booms". So much so he informed us that we needed to go back to the store and get "MORE!" 


Happy Fourth of July - Pensacola Family Photographer

]]> (Nicole Leebeck Photography) Child Children Family Pensacola Photographer Photog Photographer event photography family photographer fine art fireworks lifestyle photography special Thu, 05 Jul 2012 18:36:07 GMT | Pensacola Photographer I am excited to announce that I have been selected to work with an awesome organization that photographs deploying service members!

This is an awesome opportunity, and being a military spouse is something that is very near and dear to my heart. I can't wait to start working with families. 

If you know of a family, or would like more information please visit the website here

or email

]]> (Nicole Leebeck Photography) Army Child Children Coast Family Guard Marine Milestones Navy Pensacola Photographer Photog Photographer Seniors deployment event photography family photographer fine art lifestyle military personal photogra0phy photographer special Fri, 29 Jun 2012 15:05:55 GMT
What's New, Old and Upcoming |Pensacola Photographer  

Things have been quiet on the NLP blog. Hopefully soon that will change. I've had some awesome opportunities arise lately and unfortunately none of them are able to be released to the public yet. (Bummer I know because I am dying to share...) 

There have been a couple of requests that I've been having an increase of lately, so I thought this would be a great time to get the information out there. In no particular order:

Do you offer just headshots?

If you are looking for something simple, just a few images I would recommend that you book a Social Media session. If there is something specific that you are looking for outside of that, feel free to email me and we can figure out what type of session would work the best for you.

Do you do events?

First lets define “events”. I am not currently shooting weddings. However, if you have a special event coming up that you would like to document, please by all means contact me! Bridal showers, Baby showers, birthday parties, promotions, retirements etc. Rates vary due to the length of coverage needed so please contact me for information specific to your event.

Do you plan to start shooting weddings? At the present time, no I do not. While I have shot one or two, my heart lies with shooting children and families in a natural settings. I am more then willing to offer some great photographers who DO shoot weddings. 

Do you shoot anything besides families/children? 

YES! I have shot a few hush hush boudoir style shoots. I do not typically post these images on my site or facebook simply because the nature of the images is private and lets be honest… I know when I am looking for a photographer I don’t like seeing things that just don’t belong with smiling babies/children/families mixed in. I have images available as samples to show clients interested in booking a shoot like this – however they won’t generally make it to the Internet. (IF any of the images are posted on the site and or facebook the images will not reveal the identity of who the image is of.)  *Hair and Makeup are optional but can be added to any of these sessions.

Do you have a studio you use?

NO. I prefer to use natural light, in a natural setting. I do have equipment available for use indoors when natural light is not an option, however I feel this takes away from being able to capture a moment as it happens. 


And because every blog post needs an image or two - here are two images from a recent shoot. Any photoshoot has possibilities... and those possibilities are endless.

When I shoot boudoir - it isn




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